Why male infertility is still a lesser known topic?

Why male infertility is still a lesser known topic?

Male infertility? Is that even a thing? We bet if not all a few of you might have reacted with such questions in your mind. But to your surprise let us tell you that it is very much a thing. Why is it not discussed? Because, for no apparent reasons, people consider it a taboo. Although it is pretty much like female infertility and could be handled if diagnosed and treated properly.

If you are one of those couples who are trying to get pregnant but are failing then infertility in both males and females could be the reason.

Statistics say that around 10-15 %of the couples across the globe face this issue. Sadly, we always try to find the reason in females, but it is high time we try to look another way around too.

Symptoms of Male Fertility:

• Not able to get pregnant despite have frequent and unprotected intercourse.
• Improper hormonal functioning

When to visit a doctor?

• When you are above 35 and still cannot get pregnant
• A history of prostate problems
• Swollen scrotum
• Any family member with such a problem

Causes of male infertility

• Abnormal sperm production, which can be due to – undescended testicles, genetic defects, diabetes, etc.

• The problem in delivering the sperm, which can be due to – premature ejaculation, cystic fibrosis, blockage in testicles.
• Overexposure to environmental factors like – pesticides, drugs, smoking, bacterial infection, etc.

Preventive methods

• Stop smoking, as tobacco can majorly affect the fertility
• Say no to alcohol and drugs
• Reduce your caffeine intake
• Regular exercise
• Try to stay away from obesity

As far as the treatment is concerned, we suggest you consult a reliable doctor that will help you overcome infertility and help you find the happiness of having a complete family. Endoworld hospital is one such centre that promises great infertility treatment. You can know more about us on our website.

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