How to Treat Diaper Rashes & Skin Problems in Babies

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You really cannot compare the softness of a baby’s skin with anything else. Such is the delicate nature of the skin that it develops many skin conditions with slightest chance of infection. Rashes, spots, acnes, and red skins are some of the common skins problems that are often encountered among infants. Fortunately, you really need not worry about most of the problems and can be treated with simple home procedures. Let us have a glance on few skin conditions for babies and their effective treatment methodologies.

Diaper rashes
This is the most common skin problem that attacks infants. If the skin appears reddish along the diaper region, it ought to be diaper rash. The reasons for the occurrence of diaper rashes can be either due to the ill fitting of diaper or it had remained wet for long time. On few occasions, the quality of diaper also matters and hence a quick check of any brand change during the recent past would also solve the problem.

The treatment is very simple and involves only few steps
• Make sure to keep the infected diaper area open as long as possible
• Do not wait for the diaper to get completely wet; change it as soon as it becomes wet.
• Wash the rashes infected area with a warm soft cloth
• Make sure the skin to be dry and never in contact with urine and stool.
• Only a mild soap, if it is absolutely necessary, should be used.
• If the problem persists for a long period, a warm water bath in which 2 tablespoons of baking soda is dissolved can be provided.
• You can also opt for little topical application of plain Vaseline or ointments that contain zinc oxide. But many a time, parents apply talcum or corn starch powder directly on the affected area. It is not recommended, as it can lead to unnecessary complications.
If the rashes do not go away with the above mentioned simple steps or if you observe additional symptoms as detailed below, it may be a bout of bacterial or fungal infection. Hence it would be a wise option to schedule an appointment with your pediatrician to address the problem.
• Baby develops fever
• If fluid filled bumps appear in the rashes affected area
• Red skin or pimples even outside the diaper area on in skin folds

Other skin conditions
Apart from diaper rashes, your young baby may develop many other skin conditions. But you need not fret as our pediatrician at Endoworld Hospital, the most sought after gynecological & endoscopy center would do the needful to ensure smile back in your face.

Baby acne: This is one thing, which you need not worry at all. Although the reason behind their occurrence is not clearly understood, they usually go off on their own in a fortnight period.
Eczema: The red, itchy rash can get triggered without any particular allergy reasons and can occur in any part of the body. Although it is fine to treat the initial stages of Eczema with a baby moisturizing cream, more proper treatments can be provided only through proper diagnosis and prescription medicines.
Cradle cap: Excess oil in body shows up as scales on the scalp and other parts of face. Again a treatment under a pediatrician is the best option to handle the situation.
Prickly heat: Due to profuse sweating, tiny red bumps appear on skin folds, armpits, and neck area. Topical application of prescribed prickly heat powder will do the trick.

Of course there are many more skin problem for babies such as white bumps, baby yeast infection, yellow skin, and sunburn, which has to be referred to your pediatrician at the earliest opportunity. And if you still have any queries, you can always contact our pediatrician at Endoworld hospital, a renowned a IVF and endoscopy center and feel free to ask about preventive measures that need to be adopted to avoid skin problems for your little bundle of joy. Happy parenting!

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