Smart Tips For protecting Baby From Winter

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If you are a new mom who has just been blessed with motherhood, you have hit the right place. The winter cold is chilling &all of us are concerned about how to take care of our babies & make them strong enough to beat the harsh cold.

Taking care of babies is no rocket science & passed on to us by our previous generations. I can attribute a part of our learning to our experience & attachment with our babies. I have been blessed by motherhood twice & being a mom of two grown up kids, I believe I can properly guide my younger tech savvy generation with few smart tips to beat the winter chill. Being Motherhood is very nice feeling.Endoworld Hospital is best pregnancy care center hospital in Aurangabad.

Applying oil

Babies have delicate supple skin which is not exactly meant for rough handling or dry winter. Hence regular oiling becomes a daily routine of baby care. Be it winter or summer proper massaging with olive oil before shower is a must. The right quantity of oil should be administered to allow the oil penetrate through the skin & keep it soft, supple & agile.

Before the advent of U-V rays we used to place the baby in open sunlight & allow him/her soak in the warm comfortable winter sun rays. It was considered beneficial for baby’s growth as sunrays are a rich source of vitamin D that gives strength to bones & muscles. However the situation is little dicey nowadays & over exposure to sunlight might have some damaging effect. It’s best to consult your pediatrician before you take a call.


Do not skip bathing the baby in winter. Even if it’s chilling cold, shower the baby in lukewarm water. Ensure the temperature is much below the regular ‘hot’ as the baby’s delicate skin will not be able to bear the heat & runs the risk of getting burnt. On second thought, you can sponge your baby with hot towel instead of full bathing. Once you are done with shower/sponging, wipe your precious little one with soft towel & apply moisturizer. You can use cream suitable for a baby or a baby lotion to lock in the moisture & retain the softness of the skin.

Application of lotion

Toddlers are more prone to dry nose & lips in winter. Apply a lotion in and around the tips of nose & lips to avoid dry, itchy skin. Always apply baby lotion & cream as munchkins might find the taste interesting & start licking the lotion.

Maintain a proper room temperature

Babies always prefer things to be simple & comfortable. I understand the mother’s hankering for dressing up the baby in woolen niceties during winter however try not to overdo it. Profuse sweating due to additional baggage of woolen clothes will leave your baby’s skin itchy & irritating. Covering the head & ear is a must but check out for sweating at regular intervals to ensure the baby doesn’t feel uncomfortable & get cranky.

Hydration holds the key to beat winter blues

Keep feeding your baby, lukewarm water at regular intervals or post your consultation with your pediatrician to keep the baby hydrated.

Babies are prone to fall sick & lose their agility due to extreme weather condition however following these tips & consulting a good pediatrician will help you keep your baby healthy, agile and glowing even in winters.

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