Seven threatening signs indicating infertility in women

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Motherhood is the most magnificent experience for any women. Whether your thoughts about it are for right now, or in future, it is important to understand and know about infertility. No matter

your goal is to have kids or not, infertility has way more hazardous effects on our body and can affect our overall health. With everything changing around us from our sleeping patterns to food habits to our work schedule, female infertility has grown with a lightning pace.

We have been lucky enough to have amazing doctors and clinics to help us face these health challenges. If you stay in Aurangabad you can easily find the infertility clinics that excels in offering top-notch treatments.

The initial step to identify infertility is to listen to your body, note the changes and consult an infertility specialist as soon as possible.

infertility in women

To give you a little synopsis, we are highlighting here seven major signs that could hint towards infertility. Keep scrolling!

Irregular periods

Irregularities in your period to some extent is acceptable. Every woman has a different cycle that varies from 28-35 days. But the actual problem is when you are not able to keep track of your periods.

Irregular periods problems- endoworld hospitals

Irregular periods are a sign that you are either not ovulating or suffering from some hormonal issues. If you are facing any such thing the first thing to do is consult a doctor.

Unusually painful period

For some women experiencing the cramps, heavy flow and pain during the period is normal because it is regular for them. Some of us start experiencing this all of a sudden. Well, this might not always mean that it is infertility, but it could be an indication. This condition is known as endometriosis.

Unusually painful period- endoworld hospital So, we urge you to visit the infertility clinic in Aurangabad (if you stay here) or a reliable doctor near you.

Amenorrhea (No periods)

Missing a period in a month is not that big a deal. It could be the result of stress, heavy workouts, emotional disturbance, etc. But if it continues for months, then there might be a problem.
No period problem: endoworld hospital
Fertility needs ovulation and it happens due to your periods. Therefore, the best option is to visit a female fertility clinic or consult a gynecologist.
Fertility needs ovulation and it happens due to your periods. Therefore, the best option is to visit a female fertility clinic or consult a gynecologist.

Sudden weight gain or weight loss

One of the major signs of infertility is sudden weightless or weight gain. If you have not changed your diet or exercise and experiences sudden weight loss or weight gain, then infertility could be the reason.
>Sudden weight gain or weight lossThe other reason could be PCOS which causes hormonal imbalance and weight-related issues.

The sudden hair growth or hair loss

Hormonal changes could result in sudden hair growth on your body or face. Whereas hair loss could be due to thyroid dysfunction. These are also the signs of infertility but to be 100% sure, we say you visit a reliable infertility clinic.

Hormonal fluctuations

Some of the other signs are when you experience hormonal fluctuations that result in mood swings, sudden acne issues, pelvic pressure, etc.

hormonal changes : endoworld hospital

If all of these signs go beyond the expected time span, then it’s time to get your checkup done.

You feel your hands and feet are always cold

If you feel your feet and hands are always cold, then this could be a sign of hypothyroidism that eventually leads to irregular ovulation resulting in infertility. Some of the other signs involve dry skin and tiredness.

hands and feet are always cold- endoworld hospital

No doubt there are a lot of infertility clinics in Aurangabad, but Endoworld hospital ensures an efficient treatment. We have a proven record of treating thousands of clients and have successfully helped to deal with infertility.

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Dr. Pandit Palaskar is one of the best IVF doctors in India. He has vast experience of 20+ years with thousands of cases performed in the fields of Obstetrics, Gynecology & Infertility.

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