Reasons why you donate your eggs

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There are number of women who are unable to become pregnant for their poor egg quality or may be they do not have eggs at all. Even with this condition pregnancy is made possible with the help of egg donor. IVF treatment in Aurangabad is the right place where infertile women get a chance to get pregnant and deliver babies. They are ones who help the individuals as well as couples in their life time who have been struggling to get a baby. Let’s glimpse through a few reason to donate eggs at IVF treatment in Aurangabad.

Reasons to donate egg

    • Empathy and compassion
      There is a feeling for empathy for parents who are struggling to start their life. Egg donors feel very supportive and are generous to help others. Egg donors know the hassles and struggles that young couples go through and hence donate their eggs. They also understand that infertility couples and LGBT couples are in need of eggs and hence come forward to donate them. A qualified donor is one who makes parenting come true. Hence egg donors can seek help from IVF and Endoscopy center regarding donation of eggs.
    • They donate and learn more
      The donor can get to know about egg donation and also instruct others for the same. They can learn about fertility treatments and the struggles infertile couples meet. The couples go through a number of challenges in life and with the help of IVF and endoscopy center, donating eggs for the couple makes them feel that they aren’t alone.
    • Proud
      Couples who are infertile would have faced a number of issues for years and may need an egg donor. Though they take time, they get to a point that they are in need of egg donor in order to conceive a child. For couples who have not been successful with in vitro fertilization can seek the help of egg donor to become pregnant. By donating eggs, the egg donor feels pride and happy in making families lives and grow.
    • Makes a lasting impact
      Couples are many in number who try to conceive for number of years but failed in their process. They may also have failed in other treatments and procedures like in vitro fertilization and hence look out for an egg donor. The receiver’s family trusts the donor completely and the donor feels humbled and important for the couple. The donor has helped their family live with happiness and has been an important part of deciding factor in their life.
      In that manner egg donation is a good choice for many couples who are struggling with fertility issues. Females whose eggs are not able to mature or grow can opt for egg donation from qualified individuals. The IVF centers in Aurangabad has been performing egg donations and making many couples happy with a child. Women who aren’t successful in pregnancy can seek the centers help regarding egg donation.

Most important:
The identity of egg donor is not disclosed to the egg recipient or to anybody. Also identity of egg recipient is not disclosed to egg donor or to anybody. This process is highly confidential in IVF center. Matching of egg donor and recipient is done to have good outcome.

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Dr. Pandit Palaskar is one of the best IVF doctors in India. He has vast experience of 20+ years with thousands of cases performed in the fields of Obstetrics, Gynecology & Infertility.

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