Laparoscopy & Women’s Health

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Medicine and surgical sciences have advanced continuously with time riding upon the tech knowledge and other core concepts of human biochemistry. Therefore the humanity today stands a lot benefited and the mortality rates have gone down significantly around the world. The emphasis has been also on reducing the complications and peripheral losses, especially in surgeries. Specific interventions include the laparoscopic surgery which is a minimally invasive technique and allows diversity of diagnosis and treatments, particularly in the pelvic and abdomen regions; thorax and neck regions are also diagnosed through this technique. The benefits of laparoscopic techniques are much more for the women who suffer from reproductive issues and other symptoms related to the female health.  Endoworld Hospital, the laparoscopy center in Aurangabad specializes in treatment of different disorders through dedicated instruments that define this process.

The process of laparoscopy –

The main instrument that defines this process is the ‘laparoscope’ which is a fiber optic cable illuminated from the outer end with a cold light source like that of xenon. This optic fiber is barely .5 to 1.0 centimeter wide and is inserted through a small incision in the body. The optic fiber illuminates the region inside and the surgeon can make the diagnosis through the visuals. The surgeon can also make treatment through specialized laparoscopic surgical instruments. The direct benefit relates to the reduction in the chances of major hemorrhage and pain as also swelling and recovery time is much reduced! Laparoscopy has therefore found maximum scope in surgical interventions towards women’s health like the infertility related issues pertaining to uterus and ovary where ultrasound and CT (computed tomography) fail to provide any insights or clues. Laparoscopy center in Aurangabad, India offers effective treatments in the following cases of women’s health –

  1. Endometriosis – for proper examination of the inner lining of uterus
  2. Ectopic pregnancy – laparoscopy offers complete diagnosis about the condition and the level of risks involved.
  3. Pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) – the causes could be diagnosed through abdominal and pelvic region laparoscopy.
  4. Ovarian cysts – like the ectopic pregnancy, the state of ovarian cysts could be properly diagnosed.
  5. Uterine fibroids – laparoscopic procedure allows proper diagnosis
  6. Infertility especially in cases of unexplained infertility, laparoscopy emerges as a potent tool
  7. Breast tumors – the surgical removal is widely attempted through laparoscopic techniques
  8. Cancer – laparoscopy allows examination and diagnosis of the tissue.

In addition to above, laparoscopic techniques are also successfully used in the following cases of general significance to all including females.

  • Gall bladder (including the surgical removal in case of gall stones)
  • Bile duct (diagnosis and surgeries)
  • Liver (diagnosis)
  • Appendix (surgical removal and allied interventions)
  • Intestines (surgeries and other associated processes)
  • Neck and throat (diagnosis and minor surgeries)
  • Trauma evaluation post injury (internal)
  • Pain mapping
  • Urological interventions and surgeries
  • Orthopedics in cases of spinal surgeries

Over the years, laparoscopic techniques have become more advanced and lot of female health issues are being effectively diagnosed and treated through the same. Laparoscopy center in Aurangabad offers safe and effective cure of the above stated women’s health issues while least of post operative care is required.

Picture of Dr. Pandit Palaskar

Dr. Pandit Palaskar

Dr. Pandit Palaskar is one of the best IVF doctors in India. He has vast experience of 20+ years with thousands of cases performed in the fields of Obstetrics, Gynecology & Infertility.

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