Can I Go Straight for IVF Treatment?

Can I Go Straight for IVF Treatment?

Infertility is painful to live with, but sometimes couples make things hard for them by overthinking or maybe because they are not aware of the wide range of options available to experience parenthood. That said, with medical advancements, infertility today is nothing but a health condition which can get treated medically. IVF or In-Vitro Fertilization is a treatment that involves using fertility drugs to stimulate the development of good quality eggs. 

In this process, the eggs are retrieved from the ovaries using a small needle and get fertilized in a laboratory setup. Once the eggs get fertilized and transform into embryos, our laparoscopic surgeons in Aurangabad place them inside the women’s uterus to continue their pregnancy. 

Before determining whether you can opt straight for IVF, let us find out who are the ideal candidates for IVF treatment:

  • Women suffering from ovulation problems
  • Women with damaged fallopian tube
  • Women diagnosed with endometriosis
  • Men suffering from low sperm count
  • Men suffering from dysfunctional ejaculation
  • Unexplained infertility

Note: IVF doesn’t help produce new eggs. If a woman’s uterus is incapable of implanting or carrying a healthy pregnancy, they can opt for donor eggs and donor sperms to fertilize them at our test tube baby centre in Aurangabad to overcome the infertility limitations. 

Final Say

Patients can directly opt for IVF treatment if your doctor finds out that the chances of pregnancy with IUI are comparatively low than IVF. 

Women who are already running out of time and age can straight choose IVF to get pregnant.

The decision of whether to have IVF or IUI should be discussed with our fertility specialist who has experience with providing all types of fertility treatments, including ovarian stimulation, IUI, and IVF. 

Deciding whether to choose IVF or IUI can be a daunting task with a balanced opinion. Discuss with our expert gynaecologist in Aurangabad, and they will help you find the best treatment options that increase your chances of pregnancy and healthy childbirth. 


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