9 Tips To Protect Your Baby From First Summer

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A baby is a gift to family but nurturing an infant is almost a challenge; especially in the first few years when baby is small and cannot express clearly the demands. Seasonal change is one of the biggest problems that an infant has to face and this is more a concern when the baby is facing a summer or winter or monsoon for the first time after birth. Though the body adapts to the temperature and moisture changes that set gradually in the environment, some precautions are still necessary and parents, particularly the mom needs to be careful. While winter needs protection from extreme cold conditions, summers too pose problem for the infant because too much of environmental heat can generate discomfort for the child. A clever mother is responsive towards the needs of her baby. Leading pediatric specialist at a child and mother welfare cum gynecological & endoscopy center in Aurangabad hospital offers the tips for parents to protect their infant from first summer heat.

No heavy dress ups

No matter that you have bought some of the most decent and expensive summer dresses for your loved angel recently, the best thing that your baby demands in summers is a nappy and nothing else. Believe it that it is the best thing for an infant who is tasting the summer heat for the first time. A nappy allows to keep the body cool because sweat is evaporated easily. You can find the readymade cotton nappies in market or can make few self at home.

Fine muslins are just perfect for your baby in summers

Muslin, the soft cotton fabric is best suited to cover up the baby in summers. This fabric allows good air flow through it and thus keeps the baby cool while asleep. If the need arises like the night temperature dipping low, you can add another cover of muslin fabric for your baby.

Keep the fan or air cooler on so as to moderate the temperature in room

Keep the fan and/or air cooler on in extreme summer day time so that the temperature is moderated and your baby escapes the harsh conditions. However, take care that your air cooler is filled with clean water so as to avoid any infections through pathogens’ presence in air.

Babies rely on your breast milk for their fluids requirements

Infants depend totally on breastfeeding for the first six to seven months after birth. So you need to be vigilant to such demand of the baby who cannot express the desire and want clearly. Wise mothers know the signs and reach out to offer their milk as and when required. Your milk quantity and quality automatically changes dynamically as per the requirements of the child.

The mother needs to drink lots of fluids

An essential corollary of the significance of breastfeeding for infant is that the mother should also keep self well hydrated and get the proper nutrition; because in the absence of it, the breast milk quality and quantity could get affected.

Give your infant a dip in cool water at the nappy change

Give your baby a quick dip in cool water when you go for a nappy change in summers. This would refresh up the child.

Avoid taking your baby out in midday sun

 Avoid midday sun time from 10 am to 3 pm for taking baby out because the extreme temperature can cause sudden dehydration and sun rashes on skin.

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