7 Crucial Tasks That An Embryologist Performs During IVF Treatment

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an embryologist showing thumb and seeing on camera

Embryologists are the ones who fertilize human eggs. They study minute details required for IVF treatment. It is the responsibility of the embryologist to ensure the fertilization of the eggs and embryo occurs in the best possible way. An embryologist identifies the best and healthiest sperms and eggs for IVF treatment. The embryos then formed are transferred back to the women’s uterus. The treatment for IVF starts with conducting several tests for both partners. 

Many patients wonder about the role of an embryologist during the entire process of IVF. There are various responsibilities of an embryologist.

1. Maintain the lab where embryos are kept

an embryologist showing thumbs up & seeing at camera and other embryologists equipments near her.

Maintaining the labs where the embryos are kept is part of the role of being an embryologist. They must maintain the right temperature, humidity, and air quality important for an IVF lab.

2. Retrieving egg

During the IVF process, the women’s eggs are retrieved from her ovaries and fertilized with the sperm of a man. Then, the embryos are transferred back to the uterus. During the process of retrieving eggs, a fluid is retrieved from eggs. Next, the embryologist examines the fluid and collects eggs. 

3. Preparing sperm samples

an embryologist taking & analyzing sperm samples

One of the important roles of an embryologist is to prepare sperms as well. They assess the samples for sperm count and motility and segregate quality sperms for the process.

4. Check eggs for fertilization

an embryologist checking female aggs

The embryologist brings the sperms and eggs together for fertilization. Then, they keep checking on the fertilization process by keeping and observing them under the microscope.

5. Growth monitoring

an embryologist analyzing egg fertilixation in microscope.

The embryologist observes and monitors the growth patterns, placing the eggs in the temperature-controlled incubator and ensuring optimal conditions to become embryos.

6. Checking chromosome abnormalities

There are chances that embryos can have genetic defects. If there are any genetic defects in embryos, they are screened by the embryologist and placed after making them defect-free. The checking of chromosome abnormalities is done by highly trained and experienced embryologists.

7. Embryo transfer

Embryo transfer animated image

Between 2-5 days after eggs retrieval, the embryologist places the best quality embryos on the transfer catheter. Then they hand it to the fertility team.

Embryologists make the couples opting from the IVF process comfortable and make them understand the entire process. It is a great responsibility for them to fulfill the dream of parenthood for many couples. They have the high responsibility of preparing an embryo and producing quality embryos by removing all possible defects. The entire process is very sensitive and performed in crucial time periods.

Endoworld hospital has the most experienced and skilled embryologists who are well-trained fertility experts. So you can rely on us for fulfilling your dream of becoming parents. For more information, please book an appointment with us. 

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