How Obesity Makes a Major Impact on Male Infertility

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The last couple of decades has witnessed a significant growth rate as far as obesity is concerned. Around 1.6 billion people are currently overweight out of which approximately 400 million people are obese. It is safe to say that obesity is a health problem that has affected a large number of people worldwide and is a global health problem.

We will focus on the impact of obesity on male infertility and highlight the issues that are caused by obesity. Extensive research has been conducted to study infertility and obesity for women. However, in the current scenario, it is equally important to understand the causes of male infertility and how obesity is related to it. The medical experts at Endoworld, one of the well-established male infertility clinic in Aurangabad offer insights related to the subject. Further, they can also be approached to discuss how fertility chances can be improved.

Let’s take a look at the impact of obesity on male infertility.

1. Obesity and sperm quality

Studies have revealed that obesity has a negative impact on sperm quality. Further, research has also shown that the physiological and molecular framework of germ cells changes in the testes and mature sperm, affecting the overall quality of the sperm. Moreover, obesity directly increases DNA damage of the sperm. The aforementioned changes affect the development of the offspring as they can be genetically transmitted.

2. Obesity and well-being of the offspring

As discussed in the above point, obesity affects the sperm quality. Further, there is growing evidence that the problems associated with paternal obesity can be passed to the next generation. Tests on animal models also suggest that obesity can increase the chances of diabetes and obesity in the offspring. This is another major impact of obesity on male infertility.

3. Obesity – Pregnancy and fertilization

The studies in the two to three years have illustrated how male obesity is related to the changes in oocyte and has a negative impact on the development of the embryo. Moreover, it decreases pregnancy establishment, especially after in-vitro fertilization. Today, there is enough evidence that highlights how male obesity is responsible for decreasing fertility rate and overall embryo health.

4. Obesity in men and DNA integrity

Sperm DNA integrity is very crucial for successful fertilization and the development of the embryo. Sperm with a poor DNA integrity has often been directly linked to an unsuccessful pregnancy. Further, several studies have revealed that there is a relationship between obesity and decreased DNA integrity.

Today, it is important to understand how obesity impacts male infertility. Studies have often focused on how the female infertility problems in the last couple of decades. However, it is equally important to stress on how obesity in males impacts infertility and the various issues that are caused due to obesity. Endoworld is one of the leading male infertility clinics in Aurangabad with an experienced team of medical experts to solve your issues related to male infertility. There are several causes of male infertility and obesity has gradually attracted attention as one of the factors causing it.

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