How to manage Stress during Pregnancy?

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Pregnancy is a wonderful experience filled with excitement about a growing life inside you. Due to rapid fluctuations in hormone levels, it is quite obvious to feel anxious even on trivial matters and also to fret about the wellness of baby, physical discomfort and the future responsibility of parenthood. All these worrisome thoughts and anxious moments are fine as long as they do not breach the threshold and disturb your daily routines. Be forewarned that consistent high levels of anxiety are neither good for you nor for the development of your baby. Hence it is very much important to learn how to cope up with stress during pregnancy, advices a gynecological surgeon of a reputed IVF and endoscopy centre in Aurangabad .

1. Find the root cause
It may be quite possible that you are stressed out upon a specific reason – it could be the welfare of the baby, uncertainty of the future or even physical discomfort. Whatever the reason is, try to pay attention towards the solution, and if necessary, do not hesitate to share it with your partner or close friend.

2. Have a hearty laughter
Laughter is one of the best stress busters as it helps in releasing special chemicals in the brain and makes you to feel better. Divert your mind towards any amusing happenings around you – it can be a comedy show on the TV or spending time with neighbors’ kids and experience the most relaxed feeling.

3. Cut down work related stress
If you are habituated in giving the best of yours in your work desk, perhaps it is time to cut down the work load and devote some time for yourself. Although it may look a bit selfish to change the priority, it is very much necessary to maintain your health for a better health of your developing child. If your work front adds additional pressure, it would always be a good idea to take a day off and take rest in the house.

4. Rest and be engaged with baby
As your body is working for both you and your baby, it is quite natural to feel exhausted often. There was never a much deserved time for you to take rest than now. Go to bed early and take ample rest. If your pregnancy has crossed six months, you can even sing or talk with your baby, for he or she can hear your voice. Is there a better way to bond? Definitely no!

5. Follow the routine
During pregnancy, it is very much essential to sincerely follow a routine to facilitate welfare for both you and your baby. As a word of caution, do consult your gynecologist about these routine habits.
• Eat healthy and balanced food that bring down the stress level
• To bring down the cortisol level, an anxiety causing hormone, indulge in mild to moderate exercises for half an hour a day.
• Meditation is the apt technique to keep your mind clear and achieve a state of calmness.
• Inspite of all these measures, if you still couldn’t cope up with stress levels, do not hesitate further to reach out to your physician or gynecologist. On analyzing your condition, they may rightly guide you to a therapist.

6. Invite visitors
Although it may not be possible for you to visit your close friends or family members, you can always invite them to visit you. Having adorable visitors in the house will not only provide the much required support, but also provide you with the right opportunity to socialize and speak and laugh to your heart’s content.

7. Maintain a journal
Many a time, maintaining a journal and recording the day to day happenings during pregnancy can be a fun filled experienced. As you are pouring the feelings of your heart into the journal, it can provide you immense relaxation.

Additionally to thwart the stress levels, you can also seek additional help for household chores, visit beauty parlors and salons, or indulge in any activity that does not physically strain you. The basic idea to be stress free during pregnancy is to be happy and energetic, says a gynecologist of Endoworld Hospital, a renowned Gynaecological & Endoscopy Centre in Aurangabad

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