Know Your IVF Diet Plan To Increase Your Chances of a Successful IVF Procedure

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When you are trying for a baby, it is important you take note of your food intakes. Eating healthy food not just gives your baby a healthy start of a new life but also enhance your chances of conceiving and producing a healthy baby

Whether you have conceived naturally or have undergone Infertility treatment, the diet chart will be suggesting in this blog applies to every mom-to-be. So, pen down these essential elements of food and add them to your healthy diet today.

nutritious food for ivf

Add Carbohydrates to your Food

Mostly every dietician and professional nutritionists suggest that consuming a substantial amount of carbohydrate in your diet will provide the required energy a woman’s body demands while being pregnant. IVF requires a lot of energy and to balance it you can add fruits and grains (wheat, legumes, oats, etc) in your diet on regular basis.

add carbohydrate


Fiber is crucial for healthy bowels movement, especially for pregnant women. It helps to maintain blood sugar level and gives an adequate amount of amino acids necessary for building and repairing cells, manufacturing hormones, and overall reproductive functioning. Meals with loads of vegetables, cereals, nuts, seeds, and whole grains are rich in fiber.


Folic acids

The presence of folic acid is crucial in infertility IVF treatment as it helps the embryo grow healthy and eliminates the risk of developmental disorders. On a positive note, foods rich in folic acids are easily available and are cheap to afford. Foods such as green peas, broccoli, spinach, tofu, and poultry products are must-add food to your healthy diet.

folic acid reach food


Many of our patients mistake adding fat to their pregnancy diet as they consider it to have opted from any diet chart. But the fact is, fats are not bad for our health unless you are aware of the type of fat you consume on. Healthy fatty acids and unsaturated fats are recommended by our doctors to every patient undergoing IVF treatment in Aurangabad or any corner of the world. It provides energy to your body and helps preserve other food elements to stay in your body for long by absorbing them. Such type of fats can be easily found in walnuts, corn, olive oil, flax seed oil, and so on.

fatty foods


One can never get enough of drinking water. Make sure you add minimum 8 glasses of water in your daily schedule. However, there is no calculated math on how much water a person should consume in a day. A good level of water in your body helps with maintaining a good balance of different elements and smoothen blood circulation in our body which is crucial for a woman carrying her baby inside her womb.

consume water
Adhering to a good IVF diet plan will help you increase better chances of a successful IVF procedure. Talk to our expert IVF specialists and we will guide you through various do’s and don’ts of pre and post IVF treatment.

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