For Whom IVF Treatment Is Necessary ?

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Producing offspring is integral to all life forms on this planet and humans are no exception to this. However, on account of our social bonds and generic relations, humans have deep rooted desire to expand their family. Infertility, if it occurs for any couple becomes a stressful reality that is hard to live with. Therefore sizeable part of medicine sciences have been geared towards diagnosing and correcting the anomalies in the individuals who find them constrained in the capacity to conceive/reproduce. IVF or in vitro fertilization has been developed as an advanced technique that seeks to achieve fertilization outside of uterus. Such concept is really innovative and deviates significantly from the natural process. The high level of precision and efficacy on the part of clinicians has made it a reality for millions around the world. However, the awareness is still low and potentially beneficiary couples do not know! Experts at IVF treatment center in Aurangabad list the following conditions in which a couple can reach out for a successful IVF.

Fallopian tube damage

 In cases of fallopian tube of the lady getting blocked, the fertilization is affected because the eggs released from the ovary and sperm cannot meet. IVF is the best method to achieve pregnancy in such cases. The egg and sperm are fused outside uterus and then re-planted for a natural gestation period. For such couples IVF has shown high success rate!

Male infertility

Male infertility can be due to different reasons and in many cases it may not be linked to any kind of impotency even. The couple remains in the dark without resorting to any treatment for years. In cases like lack of sperm motility or abnormally low sperm count (in ejaculated semen) or low-quality sperm, IVF appears to be right trick to reach out directly to the fertilization stage. IVF treatment center in Aurangabad has succeeded in establishing natural pregnancies in hundreds of male infertility cases.

Unexplained infertility cases

 There are some 20% cases of infertility where even after complete examination of the couple, a reason is not established and the conception eludes. In such cases also, IVF has shown to deliver effective results and normal pregnancy is achieved.


Endometriosis is a condition where the uterus tissue grows outside it and thus presents obstacle to natural fertilization function in the female body. However with IVF, the fertilization could be achieved successfully outside the uterus and then the fertilized egg is re-planted in the uterus for a successful gestation.


 Anovulation cases are treated with stimulation techniques but the cases of low ovarian reserve fail the stimulation and IVF appears to be the assistance with potential success.

Age-induced infertility in females

IVF treatment center in Aurangabad cites the studies, in which it has been found that as the age of the lady increases the chances of successful conception decreases. However, with IVF, such reduced probability of conception could be overcome easily and a healthy pregnancy can be established.

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Dr. Pandit Palaskar

Dr. Pandit Palaskar is one of the best IVF doctors in India. He has vast experience of 20+ years with thousands of cases performed in the fields of Obstetrics, Gynecology & Infertility.

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