IVF Process: 4 Steps To Getting Pregnant

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Infertility can be a painful journey, especially when you run out of options to conceive a baby of your own and enter the beautiful phase of parenthood. Fortunately, medical science has never been out of options, not when a couple is trying and continuously failing to conceive naturally. IVF – In-Vitro Fertilization is the answer to all such parents who are on the verge of losing hope. Our Test tube baby center in Aurangabad has been recorded as one among the top IVF centre with great success rate.

Though the concept of IVF is not new in our society but many are confused yet regarding the procedures, results, and after-effects. Thus, we brought you the step-by-step guide on how to get pregnant with IVF

Induction Ovulation

The IVF procedures are started by first evaluating the ovaries to learn when your egg releases. After this, your infertility doctors in Aurangabad will start with medication. This can be in the form of an injection or a nasal spray that repress your natural menstrual cycle to induce ovulation easily. The induction begins by injecting Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH) daily for 10-12 days. Many times, the natural menstrual cycle fails to produce a healthy egg and therefore the FSH helps stimulating more egg cells to increase the chances of fertilization.

Induction Ovulation

Egg Retrieval Process

In this step, the first thing important is to give anesthesia so that, when a thin needle is injected to your upper vaginal wall, no pain could be felt by you. The needle injected followed by an ultrasound is used for isolating the egg cells from the follicular fluid. The isolated egg cell is then passed on to a laboratory dish which keeps the eggs healthy. Your egg retrieval process is complete once your doctor puts the egg cells into an incubator.

egg retrieval process

Fertilization Process:

Under this, the eggs are mixed with the male partner’s sperm. After 16-20 hours of observation, the doctor will announce if the eggs are fertilized or not. If yes, then your doctor would wait for another six days to place the fertilized egg inside the mother’s womb.

Fertilization Process

Embryo Transfer and Implantation

The final stage of IVF treatment is less painful and simple compared to the fertilization process. Here, a thin catheter tube is passed through your vagina to transfer the embryo inside your womb.
Many infertile couples give a second thought on IVF considering the IVF cost in Aurangabad. Relax.

Embryo Transfer and Implantation

Endoworld Hospital believes in helping every couple trying hard to start a family of their own. Consult our doctors to know more about our services and appointments. IVF, with medical advancements, has become the most-considered infertility treatment with greater success rate.

Dr. Pandit Palaskar

Dr. Pandit Palaskar

Dr. Pandit Palaskar is one of the best IVF doctors in India. He has vast experience of 20+ years with thousands of cases performed in the fields of Obstetrics, Gynecology & Infertility.

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