Is IVF Painful?

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Every woman’s body functioning mechanism is different. Where some treatments might be entirely painless for a few women, the same procedure might be a reason for discomfort to some other women. As far as IVF is concerned whether it is painful or not, our test tube baby center in Aurangabad and similar IVF clinics believe that some steps in IVF treatment can be a reason of discomfort and pain. However, once the treatment results in pregnancy, the pain and discomfort will be worthy.
Are you seeking IVF treatment? Are you in fear of bearing pain and discomfort after undergoing IVF? This article is then just for you. Continue reading to stages of IVF treatment and whether or not it is painful

Hormonal Injections

A woman is said to be infertile after she fails to ovulate. The first step towards IVF is injecting a dose of hormones to develop good quality eggs and stimulate them.

Hormonal Injections
The procedure is typically carried away using a needle with small bores or hi-tech injectable pen devices. Most of the women report of mild discomfort and uneasy sensation but fades away very soon

Egg Retrieval Process

Another pain causing step can be the egg retrieval process where the eggs start ovulating and begin to enlarge. It is the time when your IVF specialist will recommend minimizing the dose of hormonal medicines.

 Egg Retrieval Process

However, if you choose a well-renowned fertility center for test tube baby in Aurangabad, you can certainly skip the pain during this process. Under the expert guidance, there is no chance of overstimulation of eggs and strain associated with it.

While Undergoing Egg Retrieval Process

The egg retrieval process involves your IVF specialist removing quality eggs from your ovaries through the vagina using a thin needle with small suction attached to it.

While Undergoing Egg Retrieval Process
Women often fear this step due to needles involved, but at Endoworld Hospital, we perform the egg retrieval process under local anesthesia to eliminate any discomfort or pain caused to the women.

The Embryo Transfer

Usually, after 3-5 days of the egg retrieval process, couples inquire about the pain associated with the embryo transfer. Under this process, the fertilized embryos get transferred into the woman’s uterus. The process is entirely painless but, few women report of discomfort caused during the insertion of the vagina speculum.
Once the embryos get transferred inside the mother’s womb, she is recommended to live on medications to help the embryos sustain inside her uterus and achieve pregnancy. The medicines might include progesterone, gels, or even injections.

The Embryo Transfer
Ask our expert IVF specialist, and they will address all of your queries related to IVF and its benefits, risks, and rehabilitation program. Out of many fertility options available today, IVF is one of the most effective treatments for couples to enter parenthood and Endoworld has one of the highest records of successful IVF treatment from decades now. Contact us or make your appointment today and walk through our hospital for further details.

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