Is It Safe To Perform Parental Yoga?

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Yoga is important for every individual, but it offers additional health benefits to pregnant women. It helps keep their body in shape, manages stress levels, and improves blood, oxygen circulation in the entire body. 

However, many women in her pregnancy fear the consequences of indulging in parental yoga, as they feel it may harm the baby inside the womb. The fear is evident if you tried to conceive through ART procedures such as IVF, ICSI, or IUI. The best option is to consult a professional yoga instructor and talk to your gynecologist in Aurangabad to understand every aspect of this yoga form.

Is It Safe?

It is 100% safe if done correctly. Yoga poses are not just about twisting and turning your body. The parental yoga helps you breathe, relax, and adjust to the physical demands of pregnancy, labor, birth, and motherhood. 

Yoga calms your body, mind, and soul. Many women choose parental yoga to increase their chances of a normal, healthy delivery. 

When to start parental yoga?

The day you get confirmation of your pregnancy is the day you should start your parental yoga. In the case of IVF pregnancy, the instructor may ask you to wait for at least 20 weeks before starting with yoga poses. However, light breathing exercises are allowed to manage stress levels. 

When to stop parental yoga?

You can stop at any time if you feel uncomfortable with the poses. Some women consider doing it until the last weeks before her delivery date. On the other hand, some women may give up during her 6-7th month of pregnancy. 

Which yoga poses should I avoid during pregnancy?

Yoga keeps you healthy and active during pregnancy. But, certain yoga poses shouldn’t be performed without expert knowledge. Performing these poses may increase pregnancy risk and complications. The poses include:

  • Twist: Asanas that include many twists and turns can compress the internal organs, including the uterus. Perhaps, you can twist your hands to prevent stiff shoulders.
  • Jumps: It is obvious not to jump during pregnancy. The last thing you want is jumping and dislocating the position of your fetus.
  • Pranayama: Pranayama involves heavy breathing techniques, which should be strictly avoided by pregnant women.
  • Back bending: Asanas like full wheel pose requires bending your back to its maximum angle, which can be dangerous for both mother and her child.
  • Cobra Pose: The Cobra pose is not for pregnant women, as it involves lying down on your belly and putting excess pressure on your back and abdomen muscles.
  • Hot Yoga: Pregnant women should strictly avoid yoga and Asanas that may result in increasing their body temperature.

Tips for performing a safe yoga

  • Talk to your yoga instructor and gynaecologist about how comfortable you are with the exercises. 
  • Avoid stretching your muscles to an extreme level.
  • Practice yoga only if you are comfortable with the poses.
  • Do not strain your knees while following the Asanas. 
  • Don’t exert yourself. Take frequent breaks to relax.

If you feel anything unusual with your body, immediately consult our gynaecologist and infertility specialists. Endoworld is one of the leading hospitals with the best IVF center in Aurangabad. We offer all kinds of infertility treatments, after-care treatment, and necessary support to the patients. When you visit our hospital, your health and your baby’s health become our responsibility. 

Get in touch with the expert gynecologist and team for all your pregnancy-related concerns. 

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