How to know if you are having a miscarriage

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Miscarriage can come out as a nightmare for a woman who has experienced it. Other than the physical pain the woman has to endure, it is the mental trauma for the loss she fears to go through. Though it can be caused by genetic problem or other hormonal problem with the way the embryo and the fetus develops, women tend to blame themselves. They blame it on a mild fall, or another wrong food they had the craving to take. Whatever the reasons has to be, there comes many cases where the woman has no idea she actually has miscarried. Or there happens to be cases where the woman already guesses she is about to miscarry. Despite of the emotional imbalance she has to go through, there are chances she can know about her miscarriage.

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Symptoms of Miscarriage:

Bleeding :

Bleeding is the basic symptom of miscarriage. There is spotting and vaginal bleeding. Though few drops of blood in the first few weeks do not always lead to, a spontaneous flow of blood like a regular period is a sign of an obvious miscarriage.

Cramping or Severe Abdominal Pain :

There can be contractions and abdominal pain and sudden cramping during pregnancy. These does not always mean a miscarriage though, it may lead to one.

Threatened Miscarriage :

When you see the basic symptoms of miscarriage but they gradually settle down and your pregnancy carries on, this is called threatened miscarriage. Threatened miscarriage may occur due to the sudden hormonal changes, a sudden jerk in the abdomen and many more. There is limited evidence that treatments may stop a threatened miscarriage from happening. This kind of miscarriage is very common among women who go on to give a normal and healthy birth.

Change in Vaginal Discharge :

Some fluid or semisolid substance flowing of the vaginal opening are the vaginal discharge. Most women have vaginal discharge to some extent which is the reflection of normal cleansing. But a change in color, or frequent discharge or heavy discharge which is not normal, is another symptom of Miscarriage.

No Nausea :

Pregnancy causes nausea, vomiting tendency and many more. When one stops encountering these sudden swings, it is another symptom of pregnancy. Sharp and persistent pain leads to feeling vomiting and causes dizziness, which gradually vanishes when you are having a miscarriage.

Wondering about the signs of miscarriage is common, and in fact, about two in ten pregnancies do end in miscarriage. Miscarriage is, yet, confirmed when the bleeding progresses from light spotting to something more like a normal period, if the color is bright red, or if you are also feeling cramping. Cramps or contractions that become progressively stronger may indeed be a sign of miscarrying. Miscarriages are fairly common, for those who have already experienced it, or those who are about to miscarry, they happen, if not to everyone, almost to two in ten. There is always a scope of moving on hoping with something better.

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