Do You Need a Complete Bed Rest After Embryo Transfer?

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Embryo transfer is the final step of the In-Vitro fertilization process. It is the simplest and painless procedure. The goal of embryo transfer is to facilitate conception among women for fertilization following IVF. The embryo transfer takes place after the eggs have already been collected and fertilized in a laboratory setup. One or three healthy embryos are transferred inside a woman’s womb (the numbers will be discussed prior to the procedure) to enhance her chances of pregnancy.

The Embryo Transfer Procedure

The patient first reaches to her embryo transfer center where she might be given a mild sedative to ease her comfort. A physician, with the help of an ultrasound, transfers the embryos inside the patient’s womb. A predetermined set of embryos are loaded inside a fine catheter that passes through the patient’s vagina and cervix, and then into her uterus. The patient is then requested to rest for 4-6 hours in a recovery room before she gets discharged. After the embryo transfer, the couple needs to wait and observe any positive pregnancy symptoms.

The Embryo Transfer Procedure

Special Instructions Following Embryo Transfer Procedure

There is absolutely nothing a patient can do to influence the embryo transfer outcomes. The couple needs to wait optimistically for the good news. Although there is no such documented evidence on whether the patient needs a complete bed rest or resume to her normal activities post-embryo transfer, some doctors might suggest the patient to at least get 24 hours of bed rest to enhance the embryo transfer success rate. Others might suggest returning back to your daily chores. One valid reason why women choose to return to her work can be the stress of worrying about things that might go wrong.
There is no such medical reasoning behind as to whether the physical activities have any impact on the implantation and conception. Conception is a natural affair and solely depends upon the quality of embryos.

Special Instructions Following Embryo Transfer Procedure

The Risk Factors

The idea of embryo transfer bed rest is a myth because once the embryos are transferred inside the women’s womb, there is no chance it can fall-out. Contact the best IVF center for quality IVF treatment in Aurangabad. Endoworld Hospital is well-known for its state of art clinic and an integrative IVF laboratory that generate only the good quality embryos.
Your embryos are safe and secure inside your womb and for the matter of fact that they spent 48 hours inside an incubator do not change anything. There have been many myths about infertility among the people. Fortunately, medical science had it replaced with valid facts in the name of IVF, embryo transfer, embryo implantation, frozen embryo transfer, and blastocyst transfer.

The Risk Factors

Why Endoworld Hospital?

We, at Endoworld, understand the pain couples go through when struck by infertility. Positively, we offer a diverse range of infertility treatment services, both for men and women, as no couple should be deprived of experiencing the joy of parenthood. We work hand-in-hand with our valued patients to make sure they are at comfort throughout the fertility treatment journey. Book your appointment today and discuss your infertility related queries with our world-class medical team.

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