Diet Changes Which Can Boost Your Chances of Fertility

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Fertility is one of the most important human aspects required to conceive. However, in our daily routine, we tend to ignore how we abuse our body and how it negatively affects fertility. One of the main factors that have a strong impact on fertility is your diet. A good diet naturally increases your fertility and a diet that lacks the necessary nutrients decreases fertility.

According to a study conducted by the world-renowned Harvard Medical School on diet and fertility, there are a few factors such as age and genetics that cannot be controlled. However, you can control your diet and thus improve your ovulatory functions. Endoworld Hospital is one of the leading infertility specialists in Aurangabad. Moreover, we rank amongst some of the best hospitals in the city. Our infertility division comprises a team of medical professionals who are committed to offering the best infertility services to our patients.

As mentioned earlier, your diet plays a crucial role in enhancing fertility. Are you willing to conceive soon? Are you concerned about infertility? Let’s take a closer look at the diet changes you may require to enhance fertility.

1. Increase complex carbs

Carbohydrates are of two types. i.e., bad carbs and good carbs. Bad carbs take no time to digest and transform into blood sugar. Cakes, cookies, white rice, and white bread are some of the food items that have bad carbs. As the blood sugar levels increase, the bloodstream is injected with insulin by the pancreas to moderate the sugar levels in the body.

Food items that have a high amount of fiber such as vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and beans are classified as good carbs that take time to digest. As the process of digestion is slow, its effect on insulin and blood sugar is controlled. High levels of insulin hinder ovulation and affect fertility.

2. Avoid trans fats

According to the infertility experts at Endoworld Hospital, trans fat which is predominant in food items such as baked snacks, animal products, french fries, etc increases insulin resistance.

Insulin significantly helps your body to extract the glucose from the bloodstream which is required for cells. Increase in insulin resistance makes it difficult for the glucose to move into the cells. However, the pancreas continues to pump out more insulin into the bloodstream. This eventually leads to high levels of insulin in the body which causes metabolic disturbances. Metabolic disturbances affect ovulation and fertility.

3. Increase intake of plant protein

There are several studies that suggest that it is important to increase your protein intake from plant foods rather than red meat. Plant foods such as beans, seeds, nuts, etc are rich in natural protein and contain healthy fats. In addition, the calories in plant protein are lower than the calories found in red meat. One of the main advantages of plant proteins is that it significantly helps if you are looking to lose weight. Plant protein is beneficial and healthy for fertility.

4. Whole milk

Studies have revealed that increasing the intake of full-fat dairy products and whole milk boosts fertility in women. It is important to note that the more low-fat dairy products are consumed, it is more difficult for the woman to get pregnant. Furthermore, increasing the intake of full-fat dairy products such as whole milk boosted fertility. The consumption of full-fat dairy products is beneficial to decrease infertility in women.

5. Multivitamins

Multivitamins are rich in folic acid and iron – two of the most important ingredients that boost fertility. Daily consumption of around 400 micrograms of folic acid along with 40 to 80 milligrams of iron helped increase ovulatory infertility in women 40 percent more than women who did not consume multivitamins.

Endoworld Hosptial, is an advanced and a modern hospital in Aurangabad. We specialize in gynecological endoscopy, neonatal, pediatric care, and infertility management. We offer the most effective and efficient treatments for patients experiencing issues related to infertility. Our team of highly accomplished infertility experts have rich experience in the industry and have treated thousands of patients in their lifetime.

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