Most common questions during IVF Treatment

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Having a child in life is one of the most precious experiences that people experience. Becoming parent has got its perks. It is sincerely a blessing to have your own bundle of joy in life. Although, not everyone gets lucky as they would expect. No need to worry! With the innovations in the field of medical sciences, there are numerous ways that coupes can conceive. One of the most popular and familiar treatment available is IVF treatment. IVF is one of the safest and widely used fertility treatments and has sure brought numerous positive outcomes. Nevertheless, we understand if you have your doubts about the treatment. Well, you can relax, as Endoworld with one of the best IVF treatment providers in Aurangabad will answer all of the common questions surrounding the treatment. There are many factors that one needs to be careful about and with right information you can always be more confident. We will try to answer all your questions!

Pick your doctor : If you are visiting a doctor for IVF treatment, than it is safe to say that you have tried several methods to conceive and ruled out all other treatments out there. Well IVF treatment is the correct option as the satisfactory results are high with the treatment.It is important to have a doctor who is willing to answer even the most “silly” questions that you may have about the process. Having a doctor who understands your situation and is sensitive onwards you will make this process comfortable. So, one should research well before picking the doctor they will receive their treatment from.
What are the questions you should ask: There are many question but some are technical too. Having to ask the following questions will help you to understand the details well.
• Considering my medical history what are chances of conceiving in the fresh cycle?
• How about a shared risk program (many clinics provides flat rates for three frozen and three fresh cycle package)?
• As per your age bracket, what is the average rate of successful results received by this particular clinic?
• What approach does the clinic have towards embryo transfer policy i.e. 1 or 2 ? Many clinics are set on high chances of pregnancy than having a healthy child. Although, it is even ok to have 3 transfers, if you are in the bracket of 40 years.
• How much time will be dedicated by the doctor to me?
• Will the medication that will be provided be standard or customized as per my condition?
• Don’t fear cross questioning your doctor. Many present high ratings of success, however, the information on the internet are less.
• You could be overwhelmed after this experience, so consider talking to a friend to get calm over the changes.
• Dealing with prescriptions and medications could be costly and could also lead to some worries. So check with your doctors of the prices as well the exact process of taking education, should you store in a refrigerator, etc. are useful questions.

When does the medication begin ?
Usually, the medication after injection takes place in 7 to 12 days. This may vary and it is not a bad thing though. The doctor will prescribe as per your condition. The medications will be mixture of various drugs such as follicle dose and human menopausal medicines. So, the doctor will take the best decision.
Once the initial stages are crossed, then the egg retrieval day arrives. So, be calm and ready for the big day. Fix an appointment and be on time, so the clinic can dedicate you appropriate amount of time to function. Once the treatment for the day is complete, consider relaxing for the day. It has been a long day and getting some stress less time will only help you more to conceive. Any people usually look over the situation of constipation that comes with the treatment. By eating well, drinking fluids, and resting well, you can make sure that you have a normal lifestyle and can function properly.
Trust your doctors as they will take the best decision for you. Endoworld, as leading IVF treatment providers in Aurangabad, have had tremendous success in the matter. So, having a doctor who is capable and you trust will make the process very smooth for you!

Happy Pregnancy !

Dr. Pandit Palaskar

Dr. Pandit Palaskar

Dr. Pandit Palaskar is one of the best IVF doctors in India. He has vast experience of 20+ years with thousands of cases performed in the fields of Obstetrics, Gynecology & Infertility.

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