Can smoking cause infertility in Females

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Smoking and fertility

One of the most forgotten facts about smoking is that consuming large amounts of cigarettes can lead to destruction of sex cells from both the male and the female. That is why it is advised that both the partners should not resort to alcohol and cigarettes or any other harmful substances during the process of conceiving. Smoking can have diverse affects for both men and women. For women it can cause the embryo to have less maturation and slow development and cell progression. They also experience premature menopause. For men, heavy smoking can decrease the quality of the sperm and also reduce the sperm count, eventually leading to infertility.

Smoking during pregnancy

By fully avoiding smoking there is a higher and assured chance of producing a healthy baby under a full gestation period without any health problems and it also reduces the chances of premature delivery. It can also enable the embryo to develop fully by achieving complete growth and nutrition. The chance of having a miscarriage is also greatly reduced.

Smoking and the health of the child

Excessive smoking can also cause complications for the baby as it would be subjected to the dangerous smoke. Exposing the child to large amounts of cigarette smoke can also lead to the formation of asthma and other respiratory diseases. In severe cases, it can also lead to sudden infant death syndrome or cot death as it is commonly called.

How to improve natural fertility?

By quitting there are many health benefits that one can achieve, this also includes an improvement in fertility. For men, quitting smoking can be a positive experience as it helps to replenish new and healthy sperm cells. For women, completely stopping smoking has also affected them in a positive manner. This includes better reception towards IVF treatments and also reduces the chances of having a miscarriage by increasing the natural fertility.


There are many ways in which one can follow to improve the chance of conceiving and giving birth to a healthy baby. This includes reducing the consumption of alcohol and stopping the usage of cigarettes during the gestation period. These factors can have a potentially dangerous affect on the embryo and can lead to complications or even miscarriage. If you have any difficulty in stopping smoking, then it is advisable that couples should see a doctor for further advice and help.

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