All You Need to Know About Embryo Adoption

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Adoption has been a one out of many options for parents who struggle with conceiving their own genetic child. Now, with the advancement of medical technology and our accomplished experts of Test tube baby center in Aurangabad, the couples fighting infertility could enjoy a new form of adoption called embryo adoption.

What is Embryo Adoption?

In a simple outline, embryo adoption is one form of the adoption process in which the adoptive mother could carry an embryo that is genetically unrelated to the couple. Unlike a child adoption process in which the couples can adopt an already born child, embryo adoption process begins nine months earlier by adopting the frozen eggs of any woman who donated her eggs after she underwent successful In-Vitro Fertilization treatment.

 Embryo Adoption?

How Does It Work?

First of all, adoption refers to legally transferring the parental rights and responsibilities from one parent to another. Same goes with the embryo adoption, with few added differences. Following are the basic overview on embryo adoption. For a detailed consultation, you can talk to our IVF specialist in Aurangabad. Let’s get started now

The Embryo Donation

The process begins when a couple decides on donating viable and healthy embryos to another couple struggling to enter parenthood. These embryo donors are actually the couples who have successfully established their family through in-vitro fertilization and have unused, frozen embryos left. These embryos can either be stored, discarded, donated to research centers for further research or they could be donated to a couple hopeful on having a family of their own.

Matching Process

Like any other adoption process, both the prospective parents and donated parents would be matched. There are legal processes involved in which both the parties have to submit their family background history, medical history, and type of family the donor parents are interested in donating their embryos. Once the match-making is done, the embryo specialists will proceed with the next step which is

Embryo Transfer

Once the contracts are being signed, the adoptive mother is taken under medical examination to prepare her body for the Frozen Embryo Transfer (FET). The process is much alike to IVF treatment and on completion, the mother can carry her pregnancy like any normal pregnant woman.

 Embryo transfer

How Much Does the Embryo Adoption Cost?

Thanks to the advancement of medical technology, parents struggling with infertility are now hopeful in having a family of their own through one or the other infertility treatment. But, one major concern of these parents while seeking infertility treatments is the cost. The IVF cost in Aurangabad and embryo adoption cost depends on many factors. From the varied circumstances of the adoptive family to the agency they work with. If we consider in general, embryo adoption done under the supervision of a professional agency and fertility hospital could cost approximately $10,000 to $15,000.
Considering the advice of experts and parents who have successfully undergone embryo adoption, it is much easier then infant adoption because the living expenses of the birth parents are not included in. To get a more accurate estimation on embryo adoption cost and process, contact our fertility specialist doctors. We are available for you anytime to resolve every concern and doubts on embryo adoption and other fertility treatment options. We are just one call away.

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