5 Reasons Why One Should Choose IVF

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At present, technological advancements have engulfed different industrial sectors. The rapid evolution of technology and science has boosted the growth of several domains. The healthcare industry is no exception as it continues to reap the benefits of modern advances in technology. A shining example of how far the healthcare industry has progressed is ”In-Vitro Fertilization” or “IVF”.

Ever since its inception in 1978, IVF has come a long way spreading smiles to millions of married couples who have faced difficulty with conception. Endoworld, is a well-established IVF center in Aurangabad that strives to help couples dealing with problems with conception by offering treatment such as IVF. The establishment has successfully helped several patients going through the pain of infertility and failed conceptions. It is important to understand for whom IVF treatment is essential.

Before we talk about why IVF is an effective treatment and gaining recognition, it is crucial to identify what IVF is. In-vitro fertilization or IVF is nothing but a non-conventional artificial technique that is used for fertilization. In this process, the eggs along with the sperm sample are collected and integrated, in a special laboratory setting and then transferred back to the uterus.

Why choose IVF?

There are several benefits associated with IVF and why one should opt for it. Endoworld highlights the benefits of IVF.

1. Everyone can have a baby

IVF is a glimmer of hope for couples who are not able to conceive or suffering from problems related to infertility. The treatment of these patients by adopting IVF has solved problems concerning conception for several couples and individuals.

2. Takes care of fertility issues in men and women

Traditionally, IVF was adopted to assist both men and women dealing with infertility issues. Women with either damaged, missing or broken fallopian tubes were one of the first patients to implement IVF. Men, with unexplained and known infertility problems, have also benefitted from IVF.

3. Higher chances of conception

IVF and intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) has significantly boosted the rate of conception even if infertility has been an issue. Moreover, many couples turn to IVF as it enables them to conceive quickly and at the right time.

4. Healthier pregnancy

Pre-implantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) enables couples to determine the chromosomal deficiencies in an embryo before it is transferred into the uterus.

5. Have a baby whenever you wish for

With the onset of IVF and developments in the medical field, couples do not have to try for several years to conceive naturally. IVF also offers couples the flexibility over factors such as spacing out children and being pregnant at the correct time.

Technology has surely come a long way. The onset of IVF has offered couples and individuals a ray of hope to deal with infertility and conception problems. Further, IVF is cost-effective and has a high success rate making it an ideal treatment. Endoworld, a well-established IVF center in Aurangabad offers IVF to couples undergoing various problems related to conception and infertility.

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Dr. Pandit Palaskar

Dr. Pandit Palaskar is one of the best IVF doctors in India. He has vast experience of 20+ years with thousands of cases performed in the fields of Obstetrics, Gynecology & Infertility.

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