16 Tips To Follow Before, During And After Your Childbirth During The Lockdown

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Unfortunate times call for unforeseen measures.

This time of the pandemic, as unfortunate as it seems, is something you’ll have to survive with extremely unexpected yet necessary measures. Moreover, being pregnant and birthing a child during such unsafe conditions can make you more anxious and doubtful. However, it’s possible to have a safe and sound delivery during this period by practicing additional precautionary tips provided by top gynecologists and doctors.

Tips To Follow Before The Delivery Period:

Hygiene must be your top priority in all scenarios more than ever. Make it a habit to sanitize or wash your hands after every activity or touching particular objects that are brought into the house.

Public places and gatherings should be a no-go for you. Although you can practice other preventive measures at public gatherings, it’s best to avoid the risk altogether.

Avoid meeting people in person as much as you can. As the COVID-19 virus may not show symptoms in some people, it’s best to keep away from everyone and speak to them on video or phone calls.

While choosing a hospital, ensure that it is following all guidelines for patient’s and doctor’s safety and have enough rooms available during your estimated date of labor. Contact the hospital for appointments and stay as early as you can.

Order a small stock of supplies for the baby beforehand. These items will include diapers, clothes, cradle, baby food, etc.

Stay hydrated throughout the day by drinking at least 8 to 12 glasses of water.

And most importantly, stay calm. Practise meditation or other mentally soothing and positive habits to maintain your and your child’s health.

Tips To Follow During The Delivery Period:

Your temperature and other tests will be carried out throughout your stay in the hospital.

Take only one support person (preferably your husband or a sibling) to the hospital.

Make sure you and your +1 is wearing a mask at all times.

To avoid infection from germs, you and your +1 may not be allowed to move out of your room while you’re in labor.

You won’t have to worry about the supplies required right after the delivery as hospitals readily provide those supplies like towels, wipes, diapers, lactation devices, etc.

Tips To Follow After The Delivery Period:

Again, asks your family and friends to greet the baby via calls and not personally, as infants are more prone to infections not only from this virus but to any other diseases.

Ask your elder ones, if any, to also maintain distance with the baby and wash their hands thoroughly before touching them.

Ask one of your family members like your mother or a sibling to attend to you and help you with your household chores while practicing the same safety precautions until you regain your strength.

Order all your supplies and necessities online from trusted online retailers who provide contact-less and sanitized delivery.

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