Tips To Protect Your Baby In Rainy Season

Tips To Protect Your Baby In Rainy Season

5 Tips to Shield Your Baby in Rainy Season

Rain no doubt is a blessing after the scorching heat of summers but with it also come risks of infections, humidity, and mosquitoes. Dengue, malaria, infections and especially water borne diseases become prevalent in the rainy season. So, special care of babies is required by mothers. As per the pregnancy doctor in Aurangabad here are the tips for the rainy season to protect babies.

1. Keep your baby dry and clean
With humidity comes sweating so babies should be wiped frequently to stay dry. Babies should also be given baths daily and if possible at least twice a day. Body parts like underarms, neck, private parts and other folds should be given more attention as these parts may trap moisture and are more prone to infections and rashes. Use of mild disinfectant or antiseptic soaps and liquids during the bath can help in killing the germs too. Baby nails should be trimmed regularly too. It is not only the hygiene of the baby but the hygiene of the caretaker also matters. They should keep themselves dry and clean to avoid transferring any germs to the baby.

2. Comfortable and adequate clothes
With fluctuations in the climate from very hot to humid to being cold dressing the baby adequately and comfortably becomes very important. They should be dressed in loose, dry, comfortable and preferably full sleeves cotton clothes. It will protect them from cold. There can be significant temperature changes in the rainy season so if needed they can be covered with cotton blankets or summer jackets.

3. Water and food hygiene
Water is easily contaminated during monsoon so care should be taken to use filtered and boiled water only for babies. Boil water for at least 3 minutes then cools it to use for making baby’s formula and for drinking. Exclusively breastfed babies don’t need extra water even if they sweat a lot. They should be breast fed as often as they ask for to keep them hydrated.
Babies should be given clean and fresh food only. Keep their food covered. All vegetables and fruits should be thoroughly washed. Humidity spoils the food faster so check the food before giving it to your baby and try to give them freshly made food only.

4. Protection against viruses, cold and flu’s
Breast milk and a healthy balanced diet are the keys to keep your baby’s immune system strong so that they can fight against infections and diseases. Crowded places should be avoided to prevent your baby from catching germs and infections from others. Hands of both baby, as well as the caretaker, should be washed and sanitized frequently as well. Keep baby away from people suffering from viral infections, cold and flu. You can consult your doctor for flu vaccines too.

5. Protection against insects and mosquitoes
Babies should be dressed in full sleeves clothes to keep them covered to avoid any insect or mosquito’s bites. Their room should be sprayed with mosquito repellents. You can also apply pediatric approved mosquito repellent cream on their body or use mosquito repellent patches. Cover their beds with mosquito nets when they sleep.

These health tips for the rainy season will help you and your baby, enjoy the blissful weather of monsoon and will protect you with common diseases.

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