Pregnancy During COVID 19: How Can It Affect You And Your Baby?

The novel Coronavirus spreads through respiratory droplets in the air present due to coughing or sneezing. It can also spread when a person touches a contaminated surface. Children, older people, and those with a low immune system are at higher risk of getting infected with the virus. Also, pregnant women should take good care of […]

Is It Safe To Perform Parental Yoga?

Yoga is important for every individual, but it offers additional health benefits to pregnant women. It helps keep their body in shape, manages stress levels, and improves blood, oxygen circulation in the entire body.  However, many women in her pregnancy fear the consequences of indulging in parental yoga, as they feel it may harm the […]

How Can I Keep My Baby Safe While Pregnant?

So your doctor finally confirmed that you are pregnant. There are thousands and millions of things going on in your head right now. How to take care of my health? How to ensure the baby is healthy? What to eat? What not to eat? How can I ensure a healthy delivery? Do not panic. Endoworld […]

A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Prepare Your Body For A Healthy Pregnancy?

According to the Indian Society of Assisted Reproduction, around 27.4 million couples who are actively trying to conceive are suffering from infertility. Fortunately, with medical advancements and ART methods, infertility is no more treated as a curse in Indian society. It is a medical condition that can very much be cured by infertility treatment in […]

16 Tips To Follow Before, During And After Your Childbirth During The Lockdown

Unfortunate times call for unforeseen measures. This time of the pandemic, as unfortunate as it seems, is something you’ll have to survive with extremely unexpected yet necessary measures. Moreover, being pregnant and birthing a child during such unsafe conditions can make you more anxious and doubtful. However, it’s possible to have a safe and sound […]

Are IVF Babies as Normal as Others?

It’s a myth and the most absolute situation is the well-educated people of our society deliberately falls prey to such folklore. The IVF babies are as normal as the non-IVF babies. How? Allow our Infertility doctors in Aurangabad to crack this allegory for you. But first, What are IVF Babies? Couples who fail to conceive […]

Tips To Protect Your Baby In Rainy Season

5 Tips to Shield Your Baby in Rainy Season Rain no doubt is a blessing after the scorching heat of summers but with it also come risks of infections, humidity, and mosquitoes. Dengue, malaria, infections and especially water borne diseases become prevalent in the rainy season. So, special care of babies is required by mothers. […]

Super Foods To Eat During Pregnancy For Healthy Baby

10 Fantastic Eatables for a Healthy Pregnancy and Baby Eating healthy becomes a priority of every pregnant woman both for the sake of the baby as well as for the mommy herself. Apart from all the nutrition, you need for your baby’s growth and for yourself you will also need around 300 extra calories every […]

Tips For New Moms

Here are the tips for the new mom to let her learn easily and early Pregnancy is a wish of every lady because without motherhood she is incomplete. Therefore, when she first becomes a mother, she feels the immense joy within! However, this is also the time that warrants much care both for her and […]

Tips For Healthy Pregnancy

Read these tips for a healthy and stress free pregnancy Pregnancy is a special time in the life of every lady because she carries the responsibility of bringing in this world, a new life. However, this responsibility requires a great deal of commitment and care so that everything remains good and the baby on the […]